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Singapore Company Incorporation Packages & Fees



Singapore company incorporation fees paid to an experienced company incorporation services provider is essential for hassle free registration of a Singapore company. It is very true for the foreign investors, who can sit at their home and by paying these fees can initiate the registration process.

Company incorporation in Singapore is a straightforward and less complicated process. Provided, foreigners need to appoint a local/resident director as per the ACRA norms.

For foreigners, it is also required to hire a company incorporation service Singapore provider as self-registration is not allowed for non-residents in Singapore.

We offer a cost-effective package, which is suitable for local and foreigners who want to Setup a Company in Singapore.


Singapore Company Formation Services


Singapore Residents (Locals)

As a Singapore citizen or PR, you can act as a local director in your company, which is mandatory for company formation in Singapore.

The process of incorporation for Singapore residents/locals is relatively easy and straightforward. You have to provide 3 company name options & provide the required documents to us to submit to ACRA. There are specific pre-incorporation requirements to fulfill.

You can benefit from our promo incorporation package delivering S$538* worth of services FREE.

As Singapore residents, you can choose to set up a Private Limited Company, an EPC, a Sole Proprietorship, a Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Partnership, or General Partnership to further their business goals. You need, as an incorporation document, to submit a copy of their Singapore ID to ACRA along with their application to register their business.

  Singapore Company IncorporationAmount of Fees (SGD)
  • Bank account opening assistance
  • Government Incorporation Fees
  • Registration with ACRA by payment of ACRA fees
  • Checking of company name availability and reservation of desired name
  • Company Profile/Company Constitution (M&AA)
  • Preparation of Singapore incorporation documents such as M&AA, Form 45, Form 45B etc.
  • Company profile/extract from ACRA with UEN Number
  • Electronic Certificate of Incorporation
  • Minutes of first board meeting
  • Share certificate(s)
  • Preparation of company kit
  • Email Reminders for Government Filing Deadlines
  • Advisory for Tax, GST
  Company secretary for First year (Worth S$299)
  Registered address for First year (Worth S$239)

*All prices exclusive of 7% GST (Goods and Services Tax) Total Fees


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Foreign individuals (Entrepreneurs)

Foreigners need to appoint a local director to incorporate a company in Singapore as per the ACRA norms.

However, you can own 100% shareholding in the company and/or be a foreign director of your company after the Singapore company formation.

You can benefit from our promo package of S$699* only. The package comes with freebies saving S$538*.

With the package, you get FREE services like Company Secretary (worth S$299*), and FREE Registered Address (worth S$239*) for 1 year with your new Singapore company. It also offers free assistance for the opening of a corporate bank account in the name of your private limited company.

Note: After the first year you can choose to retain us by paying our current fees for the Company Secretary & Registered Address if required.

In addition to the required documents, the foreigners must provide the following:

  • Copy of passport
  • Residential address proof (overseas)
  • Know-Your-Client (KYC) details:
  • Bank reference letter
  • Personal Profile
  • Business profile, etc.

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Options for Foreign Companies/Corporations

This option is for those foreign companies/corporations who wish to establish a corporate presence in Singapore. They use our package to incorporate a company either in the form of a Subsidiary Company, Branch Office, or Representative Office.

Along with the documents required to incorporate a new company in Singapore, A foreign company also must provide us the following documents to be submitted to ACRA:

  • Particulars of Shareholders
  • Certificate of Incorporation (copy)
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association

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Pre-Incorporation Criterion for Singapore Company Setup

Before applying to the Company Registrar of Singapore (ACRA), you need to be ready with the following pre-incorporation requirements.

  • At least one Shareholder
  • Minimum initial Paid-up Capital of S$1
  • At least one Company Secretary
  • At least one Local or Resident Director
  • Local Registered Address for company office


Submit Documents for Registering Singapore Company

Below is a list of required documents, to be submitted to ACRA. The number and type of documents changes depending on your residency and nature.

  • Approved Company Name
  • Business activities in brief
  • Particulars of shareholders
  • Particulars of Directors
  • Registered Address for office
  • Particulars of Company Secretary
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&AA)

Anyone over the age of 18 years can set up a Singapore company and be its shareholder (owner). As a shareholder, you have the right to appoint a local director (employee).

Unlike Singapore citizens and its Permanent Residents who can incorporate a company and act as its local or resident director (employee), Foreigners need a work pass like Entrepreneur Pass to act in this capacity. With the pass, you can relocate and work in Singapore. You can apply to the Ministry of Manpower & get this pass.

Foreigners who don't have work pass can choose to appoint a nominee director, an individual who is ordinarily resident of Singapore to act as your local director. It is essential to have at least one to complete the process successfully.

*Being a shareholder (owner) of a company and working for it as a local director (an employee) are two different things.

The Employment Pass, Dependent, and other pass holders can also set up a company and be its shareholder. However, they need to appoint a nominee director to complete the registration process. They cannot act as its resident director or take any other position in it as its employee.

Basic cost of company incorporation with ACRA involves two things, company name application (S$15) and the Singapore company registration fees (S$300).

However, it goes higher if you consider other mandatory requirements like Company Secretary, Registered Address, etc.

Understanding the need SBS Consulting Pte Ltd offer a cost-effective package of S$699* which covers the ACRA fees for the company name application (S$15) and the Singapore company registration fees (S$300).

Our cost of S$699* coverts FREE Company Secretary (worth S$299*) and FREE Registered Address (worth S$239*) for 1 year. It also offers free assistance for the opening of a corporate bank account in the name of your private limited company.

*Our fees are transparent without any hidden costs.

As a leader in the industry, we provide quality assistance to locals & foreign individuals & companies. We extend our end-to-end support to the clients for completing all the requirements of Singapore company formation

Time to Incorporate a Company in Singapore is the time required to complete two procedures:

  1. Company Name Approval from ACRA: You need to take approval for the name of your proposed company from ACRA. The agency wants to maintain uniqueness in the company names to avoid the confusion in the minds of investors. You need to provide us with a list of names which we check against the ACRA database and register the available one for your use. If the given name is available, it takes only 15 mins to reserve the name.
  2. Application to ACRA for Company Setup: It actually takes only 1-3 days for the successful incorporation of the company. However, if the application gets referred to the higher authorities, you may need to wait for it up to 2 months.
*All prices exclusive of 7% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

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*All prices exclusive of 7% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

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