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SBS Consulting is a provider of corporate secretarial services Singapore. As one of the prudent corporate secretarial Singapore services, SBS takes pride in assisting its clients in being compliant.

SBS Consulting Pte Ltd has provided, since 2010, corporate secretarial services to its clients in Singapore. Our company secretarial services singapore are top-notch, cost-competitive, and are much appreciated for their timeliness.

According to Chapter 50 of the Singapore Companies Act, each new company is required to hire a company secretary within six months of its formation. The appointee holds the position of the head administrative officer. They are responsible for the smooth running of the legal and board procedures of the company. They make sure that there is no breach of the rules and regulations.

However, in practice, many company owners choose to hire one of the efficient providers of corporate secretary services Singapore. They find it efficient to use the experts to secure their compliance.


Why Our Clients Appoint Us as Their Nominee Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore?

  • We have satisfied clients who do the mouth publicity for our corporate secretarial services in Singapore.
  • As your nominee Company secretary, we take great care while discharging the responsibility.
  • Incorporating a company with us gets you FREE company secretary services for the first year. You can appoint us to replace your current company secretary at Starts from S$299*/Year.

Appointing us as your company secretarial services in Singapore gives you 24/7 access to your Virtual Secretarial register book, Annual General Meeting documents, board resolutions, and minutes.

SBS Consulting Pte Ltd has been offering competent corporate secretarial services in Singapore for several years. We provide a qualified, trained, and experienced company secretary Singapore to assist in your organizational functions.

Our corporate secretarial services are comprehensive and cost-effective. The Singapore company secretarial services provided are suitable for both local and multinational organizations. We offer unprecedented secretarial company services to companies from a range of sectors.


Importance of Corporate Secretary in Singapore

Outsourcing of corporate secretarial services is popular in Singapore because corporate compliance is a complex factor and a tad too intricate to be handled without proper experience and training.

ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) governs reporting compliance in Singapore. If ACRA does not receive your company’s annual reports on time, its officials contact your company’s secretary or the nominated corporate secretarial service like SBS Consulting. Such is the importance of the company secretary.

Foreigners benefit by hiring an experienced provider of corporate secretarial services Singapore to set up a new company. Singaporean companies also know that appointing a competent corporate secretarial service is an easy way of simplifying the execution of administrative tasks. They rely on Singapore company secretarial services for error-free statutory compliance.

We at SBS Consulting, as a part of our company secretarial services Singapore, provide you with a competent secretary who carries out all the nuances in an efficient manner. Our highly trained corporate secretarial services team advises you on statutory compliance needs and corporate governance matters.

As one of the most competent secretarial services in Singapore, SBS Consulting offers integrated corporate secretarial service solutions to its clients, freeing up your time to focus on the core business activities.

With our company secretarial services, you can rest assured that routine and extraordinary matters of your company are performed in an effective manner. Though, as a nominee corporate secretary services provider, we share the least responsibility with the other stakeholders, we stick to our responsibilities towards our client.


SBS Consulting’s Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Management of Shares
  • Rule Reminders
  • Handling Activities
  • Board Meetings
  • General Meetings

Documents Maintained by Corporate Secretary Services

  • Maintenance of minute book and statutory register book (Directors, members, managers, secretaries, auditors, and share transfers)
  • Distributing company’s annual reports, interim statements, and accounts
  • Preparing the director’s report
  • Reviewing developments in corporate governance and assisting the directors with respect to their duties and responsibilities
  • As your nominee corporate secretarial service, we ensure safe custody and proper use of the company seal

Company secretarial Singapore is the chief administrative officer of the company and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the board procedures in compliance with the law. The company secretary Singapore should either be:


Outsourcing Your Needs to the Secretarial Services in Singapore

It is highly advised that the role of a company secretary should be outsourced to one of the competent providers of Singapore corporate secretarial services. There are many valid reasons for appointing a company secretarial services Singapore.

Compliance-related issues and the non-core nature of the task make it necessary to hire a reliable company secretarial service.

1) Filing with ACRA requires a secretary to have a ‘Professional PIN.’ Without this PIN, it is not possible to appoint a foreign shareholder. Certified professionals working in Singapore company secretarial services are qualified and certified to have and legally use a Professional PIN.

2) An inexperienced secretary can file online but may fail to make the correct resolution or maintain proper paperwork. This will call for changes at a later hour. It is very time-consuming.

3) An amateur company secretary can make mistakes while establishing the financial year-end. If this is done incorrectly, the company can lose revenue in terms of taxes paid.

4) All these mistakes can cause a company legal issues. The appointed secretary can be penalized or be made liable for fines under the Companies Act. The competent professionals at Singapore company secretarial services assist their clients in avoiding the embarrassment and getting their brand name tarnished.

What Can SBS Consulting Pte Ltd Do For You?

  • Under its corporate secretarial service, SBS will appoint a highly qualified company secretary to ensure your compliance.
  • Free consultation services during the year on various corporate secretarial issues.
  • The secretary appointed under our company secretarial services Singapore will assist you in understanding and complying with the compliance needs.
  • You will get non-routine services at attractive discounts.

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In Singapore, ACRA holds directors responsible for company's compliance. Hence they prefer corporate secretarial services providers. Company secretaries take care of the administration of a company and filing of statutory documents like audited accounts. They hold company's AGMs. To do all these things accurately, they need knowledge of Singapore Companies Act. It is why corporate secretarial services Singapore are in demand.

The terms like 'Secretary' and 'Corporate Secretary' are used interchangeably. However, they are different. A company secretary handles company's regulatory and statutory compliance. They see to the execution of board's decisions, Etc. A corporate secretary works for a director as an executive assistant. They advise directors on the best practices to ensure company's compliance and corporate governance.

A corporate secretarial executive takes care of corporate secretarial tasks. They handle company incorporations, work passes, statutory registers, and company striking off. They convey and hold board meetings, communicate due dates, record minutes of meetings, and prepare board resolutions. They perform your due diligence and transact with ACRA and IRAS.

A company secretary is charged with the care of documents like:

  • Register of Business / Company Documents - It is a record of lodgements made by a company since incorporation.
  • Register of Members (ROM) - Record of particulars of shareholders in the company.
  • Register of Directors (ROD) - Record of company directors, including name, date of appointment/cessation, Etc.
  • Register of Chief Executive Officers (ROCEO) - Record of Chief Executive Officer of company, including name, date of appointment/cessation, Etc.
  • Register of Secretaries (ROS) - Record of secretaries appointed, including name, date of appointment/cessation, Etc.
  • Register of Auditors (ROA) - Record of auditors, including name, date of appointment/cessation, Etc.

By law, Singapore companies must appoint a secretary within six months of their incorporation. They need a Directors' resolution in writing, consent Form 45B signed by the appointee, a resolution empowering the appointee to make statutory ACRA submissions and custody of the company registers. Pass on details of company secretary to ACRA.

The experts from secretarial services are consistent in caring for your administrative requirements. They take care of statutory registers and records promptly to avoid issues like non-compliance, late document filing or inaccurate reports. Appointing them saves you the costs of hiring and training a secretary. You also save on costs of infrastructure and employment benefits and taxes.

Singapore company secretary needs to maintain statutory registers and records, arrange shareholder and director meetings, update ACRA on all statutory documents, and provide legal and administrative assistance to the board. Secretary see to the execution of the board’s decisions, discharge of legal obligations, stay updated on statutory and regulatory obligations, and shareholder communication.

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