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Accounting Services Singapore

Accounting Services in Singapore

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As a leading provider of accounting services in Singapore, SBS Consulting can assist with your company’s monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, & yearly accounting needs. We are a reputed small business accounting service in Singapore; we use latest software & SFRS compliant practices ensuring your statutory compliance.

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Why Companies Need Accounting Services in Singapore?

  • Companies must maintain accounting records
  • Know the financial health of the business with well prepared financial Statements
  • Better control over business’ cash flow with Ageing reports
  • Table readymade financial statements & reports to AGM
  • Timely and accurate Annual Filing
  • Digitised financial data makes auditing easy


Accounting Services in Singapore Offered by SBS Consulting Pte Ltd

Today, even small businesses in Singapore want to outsource their non-core tasks like bookkeeping & accounting. Appointing of experienced accounting services providers enables them to focus on their main business goals like customer satisfaction and business profit.

The following is a list of our accounting services:

  • Account code system setup
  • Account Transactions Recording (including Journal Entry Recording)
  • Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly reporting
    • Profit and Loss Account (Statement of Comprehensive Income and Other Comprehensive Income)
    • Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position)
    • Statement of Changes in Equity
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Directors Report /Compilation Report Preparation
    • Accounts Payable Ageing
    • Accounts Receivable Ageing
    • Journal
    • General Ledger
  • Variance analysis for Monthly and Quarterly Clients
  • GST accounting
  • GST Returns- Monthly and Quarterly
  • Multi-currency Accounting
  • Management Reports
  • Income Tax Computation and Filing
  • XBRL preparation and filing

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services Singapore

Can accounting save efforts, money, and resources for your small business?


Reduce Costs

Outsourcing your business’ accounting needs saves you money. If you were to establish an in-house setup, you would need to pay salaries and Central Provident Fund (CPF). You will also need to invest in infrastructure and dedicate premium office-space for the setup.


Effective Use of Time

Business owners, in general, have to multi-task, including business decision-making. Outsourcing unprofitable tasks give them the time to plan, improve strategies, get new customers, face competitors, and grow their business.


Reduce Stress

You will need to spend valuable time on searching, interviewing, hiring of accounting staff. It may save your time on sorting through the invoices or getting the financial statements ready for annual filing.

However, you may have to face issues like assessing their performance, incentive, promotion, leaves, & human errors. You can reduce stress by outsourcing the whole activity to a trustable accounting firm. Stop worrying about the timeliness or accuracy of statutory compliance of your small business.



Accountants, like other professionals, come with varying degree of expertise. Your appointee may not have the overall view of your business’ compliance. Those employed by the accounting services have the industry-wide knowledge can easily simplify your compliance.


Stay Stress-Free of ACRA’s Compliance Changes

Accounting services Singapore employs pro-active CPAs. They keep abreast of changes in the rules and regulations related to accounting and financial reporting standards. It means you do not have to worry about the accuracy of your filings.


Switching to SBS’s Accounting Services In Singapore

The directors of the existing Singapore company worry over the timeliness and accuracy of the filings. After all, ACRA holds them responsible for it.

If you are unhappy with your existing provider, switch to another one before it is too late. Go for an experienced and reputed accounting service in Singapore.

It is easy to switch to SBS Consulting’s accounting services:

  • Fill out the Form at the bottom & tell us what you need
  • Call or Email us to discuss your business needs


Why Choose SBS Consulting as Your Accounting Firm in Singapore

Our CPAs and the accounts managers are well-versed with the Singapore accounting functions. They,

  • Work with you on a one-to-one basis and meet your accounting needs.
  • Review & organise sales orders, purchase orders, or bank statements for the accounts ledger creation & maintenance.
  • Assist in the drafting of financial statements for statutory submissions.


SBS’s Accounting Services Fees & Pacakges

SBS Consulting is offering its accounting services to small businesses in Singapore for almost a decade. Our accounting services fees are highly cost-effective, which has earned us hundreds of clients.

For low volume transactions S$300-S$400* Per Month Contact Us
For medium volume transactions S$500-S$800* Per Month Contact Us
For high volume transactions S$800-S$1500* Per Month Contact Us
Accounting services – Yearly basis S$600* up Yearly Contact Us
Directors’ report if the company is dormant S$200* Per Report Contact Us
Directors’ report with small and simple structure S$350-S$700* Per Report Contact Us
Directors’ report with medium to complicated structure S$700-S$1500* Per Report Contact Us
For voluntary GST registration for newly start up companies S$350* One Time Fee Contact Us
For compulsory GST registration as per GST regulations S$300-S$500* One Time Fee Contact Us
GST quarterly return for low volume transactions S$200* Per Quarter Contact Us
GST quarterly return for medium volume transactions S$350* Per Quarter Contact Us
GST quarterly return for high volume transactions S$450* Per Quarter Contact Us
For NIL ECI if the company is dormant S$100* Per Filing Contact Us
For ECI – low volume transactions S$200* Per Filing Contact Us
For ECI -for medium volume transactions S$350* Per Filing Contact Us
For ECI -for high volume transactions S$450* Per Filing Contact Us
For Form C (depends of volume of transactions) S$300-S$1050* Per Filing Contact Us
For Form C-S (depends of volume of transactions) S$300-S$750* Per Filing Contact Us
For PIC claims S$450-S$2000* Per Filing Contact Us
For withholding tax filing (each form basis) S$250* Per Filing Contact Us
For personal tax filling (depends on type of income and or relief etc) S$500-S$2000* Per Filing Contact Us
For one bank account opening assistance in Singapore S$250* One Time Fee Contact Us
Preparation of Annual general meeting and annual return filling S$300* Per Year Contact Us
For XBRL – low volume transactions S$99* per Year Contact Us
For XBRL -for medium volume transactions S$199* Per Year Contact Us
For XBRL -for high volume transactions S$399* Per Year Contact Us
For update ACRA -changes in structure of company S$50-S$350* One Time Contact Us

*All prices exclusive of 9% GST (Goods and Services Tax)


Hiring the right Singapore accounting services provider is essential for businesses. Their accountant updates your business' books, prepares financial statements and takes care of statutory compliance. They also prepare management reports useful for decision-making. They help your business grow by preparing the budget and forecasting its needs.

Start-ups, SMEs, and multinational companies have different accounting needs. To select the right provider charging affordable accounting fees Singapore, you must first map your business accounting needs with that of their offering.

For your new business, you may need a provider that offers core accounting services for small business Singapore.

You may need a provider offering accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, auditing, tax planning, preparation of financial statements, management reports, Etc.

By paying affordable accounting fees Singapore, you can easily get the following services from the best providers of accounting services in Singapore:

  • Account code system setup
  • Account transactions recording
  • Financial statements and management reports
  • Directors' report /compilation report preparation
  • Accounts payable/receivable ageing
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Variance analysis (monthly and quarterly)
  • GST accounting and returns- monthly and quarterly
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Income tax computation and filing
  • XBRL preparation and filing

It is difficult to find a provider of accounting services for small business Singapore that can serve you perfectly. However, you can use the following list to short-list a few promising ones:

  • Industry-wide knowledge
  • Updated knowledge of changes in the law
  • Clients in your business niche
  • Skill in using accounting software
  • Fluent communication
  • Persistence with facts
  • Time management skills
  • Organisational abilities
  • Integrity towards work
  • Leadership qualities

Accounting fees Singapore charged by services providers differ. The services you want from them also affect the pricing. Here is a table showing accounting fees charged by SBS Consulting:




Low - up to 100 Transactions



Medium - up to 200 Transactions



High - up to 500 Transactions



For more than 500 transactions

Please contact us

*All prices exclusive of 9% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

The experts advise business owners to start their accounting from Day One. If you have recently registered a new business in Singapore, your Singapore accounting services provider assists you in setting up an accounting system for your business.

Classifying your expenses and earnings appropriately gives you a greater understanding of your cash flow. Appointing accounting services for small business Singapore gives you:

  • Access to expert accountants
  • Accounting services as per your transaction volume
  • Savings on employee salary, benefits, infrastructure costs
  • No need to hire an accountant means efficient HR management
  • Chance to spend time on the business' core goals and objectives
  • Access to the latest accounting software
  • Access to business intelligence

To contact us, fill the form, call us at +65 6536 0036 or email us at info@sbsgroup.com.sg to know more about our small business accounting services.

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