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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Singapore

As a professional accounting and bookkeeping services provider, we assist owners in taking care of a mandatory updating of their business’ books. We digitise invoices, receipts, and bills by updating crucial accounts.

SBS Consulting provides tailor-made accounting bookkeeping services to suit clients’ business needs. The digitized data is reused to prepare financial statements, management reports and prepare annual accounts keeping with SFRS. With our client centric approach, we ensure our bookkeeping service fees in Singapore suits every size and type of business.


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How Does It Work?

Once you hire us, we assign a dedicated bookkeeper or accountant to take care of your business’ accounting needs. In the course of rendering bookkeeping services, we will need you to provide financial documents. Our accountant needs these to maintain your business’ accounts ledger. The processed info then come in handy in preparing financial statements for statutory filing.


SBS Consulting’ Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Singapore

  • Balance Sheet and P&L Statements
  • Fixed Assets Ledger
  • General Account Filing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • XBRL Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Analysis for weekly, quarterly, monthly, annual periods
  • Singapore Financial Reporting Standards Services
  • Directors’ Report


Choose the Right Bookkeeping Service in Singapore

“A Stitch in Time Saves You Nine!” Experts advise business owners to start updating their books right from the Day ONE. Doing so enable them separate business and personal transactions. It also allows them to claim business expenses.

Determine your business’ needs and opt for the right plan to get our accounting and bookkeeping services Singapore.

  • We offer multi-currency accounting
  • Our prices are transparent.
  • There are no hidden costs.
  • We use accounting software like Snoww Books, Xero, Sage, QuickBooks (advise: on relevant tools)



Bookkeeping Plan

Low Volume

Up to 100 Transactions / Yearly


Medium Volume

Up to 200 Transactions / Yearly


High Volume

Up to 500 Transactions / Yearly


More than 500 Transactions

Please contact us (info@sbsgroup.com.sg)


SBS’ Bookkeeping Services in Singapore for Small Business

  • Safe & secure storage of financial data
  • Bookkeeping services Singapore as per transaction volume
  • XBRL filing service (ACRA compatible)
  • Accurate and efficient statutory compliance

Consult our expert to determine your needs & the right bookkeeping plan. Contact us on +65-6536 003 or emails us at info@sbsgroup.com.sg for answers.



Additional Services

Regsitered Office address


Company Secretary



As an authorised agent, SBS Consulting provides under-the-one-roof Singapore company incorporation services to locals and foreigners (individuals and companies) alike. Our experienced managers do their best to make it a streamlined and painless experience for our clients.

Hired SBS Consulting to register my company in Singapore and for accounting. The registration was a swift and dreamlike experience. On the 3rd day, I became the owner of a brand new company. Never thought it would be so easy. No complaints about accounting yet. They have a very good team. One of my associates is going with them.

David Webb

Being a sole business owner is no hard task. You are always busy doing this or that. And bookkeeping and accounting is not an easy task to do. A friend recommended SBS, and I gave it a try. I have no regrets. They know the problems faced by owners like me. I will recommend them for reliable and prompt bookkeeping services.

Christeen Nova

I wanted affordable accounting and bookkeeping services spiced with a little personal touch that a multi-tasking business owner requires. And someone who uses the accounting software that I am familiar with. Thanks, Vishal and SBS Consulting for, helping me with the accounting setup and whatnot.

Alex Wood


Keeping business' accounting books in order is important for every business. And it starts with the bookkeeping. Accounting services for small business Singapore can help you with it.

Their fees are mostly based on the volume or number of transactions. Here is a table showing the bookkeeping and accounting fees Singapore charged by SBS Consulting.




Low - up to 100 Transactions



Medium - up to 200 Transactions



High - up to 500 Transactions



For more than 500 transactions

Please contact us

*All prices exclusive of 9% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

No, they are not. You need to do bookkeeping to systematically record company's financial transactions. On the other hand, reusing this data for accounting your books gives you insights into the financial status of your business. An experienced accounting and bookkeeping services provider can give you ready-made insights and help in making timely business decisions.

Bookkeeping services companies in Singapore help their clients in choosing Single-entry or Double-entry methods and cash or accrual basis of bookkeeping. Your choices should consider business needs, daily transaction volume and revenue.

In general, a single-entry bookkeeping method is small businesses that do not indulge in credit transactions, have little to no physical assets and hold small inventory.

The double-entry method is useful to the companies that buy and sell using credit transactions.

Yes, it does. It is wise to appoint one of the reliable bookkeeping services companies in Singapore when you cannot take care of every aspect of your business' finances. These companies have experienced bookkeepers and accountants who can help with your compliance. You will be no more stressed or worried about inaccurate financial reporting, missing deadlines for financial reporting, and fiscal uncertainty. They can also up or downscale their accounting and bookkeeping services to meet your business needs.

Yes, we provide accounting and bookkeeping services to small businesses. They are as per the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS). Discuss your bookkeeping needs with us. Usually, you need to send us your business' receipts and invoices (scanned images) as you receive them. We take care of your bookkeeping.

After you send us your business' financial documents, our experts use them to update appropriate books of account. We use the latest accounting software systems like Snoww Books, Xero, or QuickBooks, depending on your business needs. You can rely on us for the following accounting and bookkeeping services.

  • Preparation of P&L and Balance Sheets statements
  • Fixed Assets Ledger
  • General Account Filing
  • Bank reconciliation
  • XBRL statements preparation
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Weekly, quarterly, monthly, annual Financial Analysis
  • Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) Services
  • Preparation of Directors’ Report
  • Annual Return Filing

With us, your books are always updated.

Well, our accounting and bookkeeping services are reasonably priced. Most importantly, there are no hidden costs involved. You pay for what you get and no more.

Like most other bookkeeping services companies in Singapore, our prices are based on the volume of your monthly business transactions. You can choose from our packages for Low, Medium, or High transaction volume. And again, we adjust our services to suit the seasonal changes in the volume of your transactions.

Yes, we help our clients in converting their financial data in XBRL format. It is mandatory for Singapore companies to do so. We use the latest software to prepare an XBRL report which you will then need to upload to the ACRA using an online BizFinx portal during Annual Return filing.

Yes, as an experienced bookkeeping services companies Singapore, we help small businesses in filing their Annual Returns. We submit the company's required information like company name, details of officers, members and shareholding, details of auditors and registered office address to the ACRA within due dates.

ACRA insists that every company should update its books regularly. Corporate accounting helps in determining the extent of a company's assets and liabilities. This information is then communicated to its shareholders during the AGM. Such a check is necessary as it keeps the business activities within the framework of organizational policies.

If you are thinking of appointing one of the bookkeeping services companies in Singapore for your new business, you should do a lot of research before hiring one. Take inputs from your business associates, friends, etc. Hire a reputed and reliable company.

With SBS Consulting, it is absolutely safe to hire us for a bookkeeping service. We are a registered filing agent in Singapore. Our bookkeepers and accountants are experienced and know the importance of keeping clients' financial data safe and secure. Since 2010, SBS has served its clients as a reliable provider of accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore.

Yes, SBS Consulting provides services for GST registration. Here we help Singapore companies in determining whether they need to register for GST or not. Depending on your business needs, we provide monthly, quarterly and annual GST filing services.

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