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Singapore Payroll Services

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For your Singapore payroll needs and queries, get in touch with SBS Consulting. We, at SBS, offer comprehensive Singapore payroll services that are unique. Is an in-house Singapore payroll department eating away into your time and money? Perhaps you need help of Singapore payroll services provider firm. Outsourcing the non-core tasks to a payroll services in Singapore will help you concentrate better on your core competencies. Payroll services Singapore use latest software for accurate payroll processing.

If you have queries about the small business payroll services, getting in touch with an experienced provider like SBS Consulting might give you the answers. We, at SBS, offer comprehensive payroll services Singaporethat are unique and hidden costs.

Is your in-house Singapore payroll department eating away into your time and money? To stop it from happening, perhaps you need the help of a provider offering payroll services in Singapore.

Outsourcing this non-core task to us will help you concentrate better on your core competencies. We use the latest software for accurate processing of our clients’ payroll and to ensure your hassle-free compliance with the regulations.


Outsourced Payroll Services Singapore

For the past several years, SBS Consulting has successfully rendered invaluable consultation and support in payroll services to Singapore-based SMEs. Our range of services includes; processing payment instructions, generating salaries, statutory reports, filing bank payments, and generating electronic itemized payslips for your employees to view online.


Hire SBS Payroll Services in Singapore for Timely Salary

As per the Employment Act of Singapore, companies need to pay the exact salary to their employees within 7 days after the end of their pay cycle. Failure to comply with this rule means companies may either be penalized or held responsible for an offense under the Act.

Therefore, the onus is on the companies to plan and take steps to prepare and dispense accurate salaries in time. The payroll is, after all, one of their major liabilities. It is important for companies to discharge them promptly.

Some companies have a misconception that the payroll process is far easier to handle. Nevertheless, at the time of calculating precise employee salary and filing statutory contributions, they understand the intricacy of the process.

If you process your small business’ payroll in-house, then you already know that it costs. The resources and infrastructure for it add to your operational costs and wastes your staff’s valuable working hours.

Thus, the best way to comply with the Employment Act and still enjoy the benefits of paying your employees on time is by outsourcing the task to an accredited provider of payroll services in Singapore.

SBS Consulting, with its proven expertise and high-end solutions, is the right candidate for getting the work done satisfactorily. The firm provides reliable payroll services to many well-known SMEs and companies of all sizes.


Why Outsource Your Process to a Payroll Services Singapore

Gone are the days when payroll was just about paying employees of your small business. In the modern business environment, crucial accounting tasks like payroll processing have become very complicated. To do it in-house, you need well-trained staff, resources, and long hours.

Rather, you could outsource the company’s Payroll Singapore to the right professionals. Then, you could reassign the same staff to take care of your core goals: retain existing customers, convince new customers, establish stronger relations with your suppliers, develop an effective marketing campaign, market research, or to achieve current business goals and objectives.


Benefits of Hiring Third-Party Payroll Services in Singapore

  • Our end-to-end payroll services include adjustments, overtime, and other variables
  • Employees can access the electronic payslips
  • Peace of mind due to our all-inclusive Singapore payroll service ensuring your statutory compliance
  • Access to year-end tax support, including IR8A/S, is an inherent part of our Singapore payroll service
  • Access to real-time payroll management and real-time report generation
  • Assurance to stay updated with legislative changes and statutory reporting requirements
  • Assurance of confidentiality
  • No need for you to invest in costly software’s and on training employees to use it
  • Save on unnecessary expenses of recruiting dedicated in-house payroll professionals
  • Use saved time and resources for your core revenue-generating activities and to increase the productivity of your business in a cost-efficient manner


How SBS Consulting Helps in Processing Your Payroll Singapore

After you engage SBS Consulting as your Singapore payroll service provider, we will assign an account manager to your company. The appointee will work closely with your administrative staff to address your needs and help you understand the latest policies and practices in payroll Singapore.

SBS Consulting is widely acclaimed for offering top-notch payroll services in Singapore. The firm takes care of all of your payroll needs from start to finish and beyond. Discuss your requirements with us. We will provide you expert Singapore payroll services in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Singapore government.

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