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Register Cleaning Company in Singapore to Rejoice Entrepreneurship

Last modified: November 24, 2020
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Register Cleaning company in Singapore - SBS Consulting Pte. Ltd.Are you fade up with your humdrum lifestyle and a tiring job? In such case, to be your own boss is the best way to triumph over it. So, why don’t you open a company in Singapore? Kick-start a cleaning company. It is an ideal choice for an entrant like you. For this, you do not necessarily need professional training and skills to manage it. The first thing you do is to register cleaning company in Singapore with the ACRA (Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority).

Prior to that, pick a good, meaningful and unique company name and get it approved by ACRA. Once it is approved, the name will be reserved for you for 60 days. Try to select a catchy yet easy-to-pronounce name so that your prospective buyers can get attracted to it easily. This will further help you build a brand presence. More often than not, it takes just an hour to get the name approved with ACRA.


Critical Steps to be Taken by a Cleaning Company in Singapore

  • List out the services that you will provide through your cleaning services.
  • Get some cleaning experience beforehand by doing a temporary job in the same industry.
  • Prepare a breakthrough business plan.
  • Obtain the business license from National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore.
  • Obtain liability insurance. It will protect your assets during any unfortunate mishap or calamities.
  • Get your cleaning equipment and supplies ready.
  • Create a marketing plan for your business and start to implement it gradually. You can post fliers on bulletin boards in various public places. You may post ads in newspapers, online directories and create a website for your business. The word-of-mouth publicity may give the fruitful results as well.


Licensing Requirements for Cleaning Companies in Singapore

Businesses involving in general cleaning services need to be licensed (even if cleaning services are only a part of the business) unless exempted by law. The license is issued for 1 year and renewable on a yearly basis. There are certain requirements which have to be met by the cleaning companies prior to applying for the license. Those requirements are stated below:

  • Registration with ACRA/ROS (Registry of Societies): Incorporated Companies (Private Limited ) and Registered Business Firms  (Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Limited Liabilities Partnership, Limited Partnership)  must get registered with ACRA. And, the societies and associations should register with ROS.
  • Track Records: Existing cleaning companies must have at least 1 on-going or completed (in last 1 year) cleaning contract at the time of filing application. A new start-up must have at least 1 employee with minimum 2 years practical experience in supervising cleaning work or has attended the requisite training modules under the Environmental Cleaning (EC) Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) on Supervise Service Operations, and Demonstrate and Apply Understanding of Cleaning Methods and Processes.
  • Training for Cleaning Workforce: Cleaners (employed for 3 months and more) are to attend at least 1 module under the EC WSQ Framework or Demonstrate Understanding of the Local Cleaning Industry Environment. National Environment Agency (NEA) may also recognize other Non-EC WSQ programs and you may have to explore them.
  • Progressive Wage Plan: Cleaning companies must submit a progressive wage plan for certain criteria prescribed by NEA.

Do note that if a cleaning business operates without a valid license, the Singapore authority will impose a penalty, fine or/and imprisonment for the offender. Similarly, licensed companies found to be in breach of the licensing conditions are also held liable for practicing non-compliance and legal action will be taken against them. Thereby, it is essential for you to abide by the law.



In Singapore, incorporating a company in Singapore is fairly easy and the procedure for it is simple. On top of it, the procedure of securing a business license is also not that a daunting task as long as required documents are in order. What bothers the businesses the most is the compliance with the stringent laws of the nation. A professional incorporation firm is the best way to overcome it. In addition to it, they will assist you with end-to-end services of incorporation, starting from registration to license issuance. Most importantly, their guidance in terms of legal compliance is extremely noteworthy.

Go ahead, hire an incorporation specialist and register cleaning company in Singapore to experience the joy of being your own boss.

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