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Get auditing services of SBS, a top audit company from the multitude of audit firms Singapore. Audit services confirm with standards of auditing Singapore. We have proved our mettle as one of the best audit firms in Singapore, by providing best audit services. Our audit company in Singapore provides forensic auditing through experienced and certified auditors. These professionals provide better services than any other competing audit firms in Singapore.

Hire Reliable and Elite Audit Services Singapore

One of the trusted Singapore audit services informed that, according to Singapore companies act, it is mandatory for all the companies that exceed the ‘exemption from audit’ threshold of S$5 million, to undergo an audit, and thereby, submit their audited financial statements to the registry. Any subject matter may be audited. Audits provide third party assurance to various stakeholders that the subject matter is free from material misstatement. The term is most frequently applied to audits of the financial information relating to a legal person. We offer a range of world-leading audit services to cover your entire value chain – from processes to organization, service and systems. Our specialist audit service teams offer you global experience in every industry and sector to ensure that your projects, products, processes and operations meet and exceed the market regulations and standards required. The management, on its own can also choose to conduct an internal audit for its own purposes and hence, may need to appoint a trusted Singapore audit service.

Therefore, it becomes compulsory for the company to hire an auditor from one of the Singapore audit firms. These audit firms in Singapore cater to all types of services related to Singapore auditing. Standing out from the crowd is SBS Consulting, a trustworthy audit service Singapore. Both, management and shareholders can engage us to do the audit of their company. For management we conduct internal audit and for shareholders, we conduct external audit of the company. This premier Singapore audit firm assists them both in diagnosing the financial health of the company. Keep reading to know more about the benefits of engaging us as your chosen audit firm in Singapore, and your partner in success.

SBS Consulting is a well-known and experienced audit firm in Singapore, since 2010. This Singapore auditing firm provides comprehensive audit services and assurance services to all industry types. We, as a prime auditing service Singapore, assist our clients in facilitating audit of the financial statements of their businesses. Beside financial audit, we carry out operational audits, information technology audits, rental audits, investigative audits and many more as part of our auditing services in Singapore.

Clients Subscribing to Our Auditing Services

All types of businesses, small and medium enterprises to multinational companies, following the trend are opting for the services offered by the Singapore audit firms, like SBS. Our audit services are also extended to the subsidiaries of local as well as overseas listed companies and their affiliates. The audit services Singapore provided by us, adheres to the compliances required for specific statutory reporting of auditing firm in Singapore.

Why Choose SBS Consulting as Your Trusted Audit Company in Singapore?

Auditing service of SBS Consulting is unique and unparalleled when they are compared with other audit firms in Singapore.

  1. This audit company in Singapore has been recognized as one of the best auditing firms in Singapore, because the audit service provided by it is based on the effective methodologies of Big 4 audit firms in Singapore.
  2. The latest technologies combined with innovative ideas of auditors employed by this audit firm in Singapore, form an excellent platform for conducting authentic assessments and examinations of client’s audit cases, ensuring true and fair presentation of the reports.
  3. We do not remain limited to simply assess the client’s case and providing reviews, but we, as one of the trusted Singapore audit firms, go a step further and provide suggestions and methods for improvement of the weaker areas. Customer needs and demands change with the time. Businesses need to plan and accommodate for both. As a forward looking Singapore auditing service, we also offer assistance in updating business plans.
  4. Our auditors impart neutral and impartial audit services revealing the true state of financial affairs of the client’s company. SBS is  Singapore audit firm that is a stickler for following rules is valuable in revealing laxness, frauds, and financial irregularities in the affairs of any organization.
  5. SBS consulting, the leading audit company Singapore, has created a niche in the industry for its unmatched skills and expertise in providing the audit services.

Our Audit Services

Statutory Audits

As a competent auditing firm in Singapore, we review the truth and fairness of your company’s financial records. The purpose of Singapore auditing is to perform the statutory audit services, to determine your company’s true and fair representation of financial position. As a part of our audit service, we vouch documents/information such as your bank balances, your bookkeeping records, and your financial transactions. Our quality system is updated with latest auditing standards of audit firms in Singapore. The audit of your financial statements will be carried out completely under rigid professional standards, and by applying the relevant provisions of Financial Reporting Standards applicable in audit firms Singapore.

Our audit service not only concentrate, on scrutinizing your financial statements but also focus on your business operations. The team of experts at our audit firm in Singapore thrives to increase efficiency of your business.
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Non Statutory Audits

We practice techniques of audit firm Singapore that are equally applicable to extensively ranged non-corporate entities, for example Singapore auditing services for sole traders, small companies, limited and unlimited liability partnerships, associations, clubs, charitable trusts, and MCSTs. As a conscientious small audit firms in Singapore, we review and verify your business’ financial transactions, which are not required either by the law or any other auditing Singapore regulatory body. The services provided by our auditing firm in Singapore are tailor-made to the specific needs of your business.

As a Singapore auditing firm, we conduct an unbiased assessment of your business activities and help you to identify the weaknesses that hamper your company’s growth.
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Financial Audits

  • Singapore audit firms provide specialized services in the risk assessment of the client’s financial undertakings
  • Assurance of authenticity and fairness of client’s financial statement
  • Guidance to comply with the regulatory framework of ACRA and IRAS
  • Generation of an exhaustive audit report is included on our auditing service Singapore
  • Follow-up in the next Singapore auditing cycle is also a service provided by audit firms in Singapore

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Operational Audits

  • Auditing Singapore services based on the needs of the business of clients
  • Examination of the effectiveness and efficiency of operational structures of companies
  • Preparation of audit report by audit company in Singapore
  • Singapore audit firms also provide feedback that helps in streamlining and optimizing business resources

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Rental Audits

  • Calculation of accurate real estate taxes
  • Conduct of on-site audit services like field measurements
  • Re-analysis of annual reconciliations, operating expenses and CAM charges
  • Scrutiny of client’s lease portfolio by audit company in Singapore
  • As the leading provider of Singapore auditing service we carry out verification of actual square footage against that which is guaranteed in the lease document/ rent agreement
  • Protecting the renting-in party against any foul play from the landlord and vice-versa, is the top priority of our auditing service Singapore

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Investigative Audits

  • Examination of the suspected financial and operational procedures of the organization
  • Audit firm Singapore also assist in fraud prevention by conducting investigative review
  • Preparation of report based upon investigation findings is also included in our auditing Singapore services
  • Advice and assistance in filing a court case against the accusable
  • Providing a full time forensic accountant by audit company Singapore

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Integrated Audits

  • Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of internal control systems of an organization
  • Auditing firms in Singapore also help analyze if the information technology, financial system, and operational procedures correctly support the business process.

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Follow-up Audits

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of a corrective action presented in audit report by Singapore auditing firm
  • Assessment of evidence to close out the corrective action request, as a part of the auditing service

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Information Systems Audits

  • Evaluation of effectiveness of a company’s control over its IT infrastructure is carried out by audit firms Singapore
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of information system operations
  • Our Singapore audit services includes verification of the information technology of an organization, to check if it is appropriately chosen, configured, implemented, and optimized

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Department & Business Reviews

Our audit company Singapore provides a comprehensive business review, which contains the results of the financial position of your business. The feedback assists the management in enhancing profitability and cutting costs.

  • Perform department review, and brings forth the efficiency of various controls
  • Risk assessment to identify significant areas of risk in the organization
  • Perform business review, that reflects the financial position of the company
  • As a part of our auditing service Singapore, we impart feedback of the review, to help client enhance their business activities

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Why SBS Consulting is one of the Best Auditing Firms in Singapore?

  • As a compliance oriented Singapore audit service provider, our approach and mindset towards auditing and tackling problems is proactive. The plan designed by our audit service Singapore ensures that the financial statements are presented fairly, keeping in mind the relevant accounting standards and statutory requirements. Auditing in Singapore is a highly competitive field and anyone failing to encompass these factors in their working is headed towards failure.
  • Auditing techniques employed by the auditing firms in Singapore are compliant with the international and Singapore auditing standards. Our auditors follow these practices without any compromise. To be precise, we, as a professional audit firm in Singapore, appraise risk and materiality in every aspects of audit. We concentrate on factors that are most relevant to the substantiation of our final opinion about our client’s audit. Eventually, this helps us in submitting a timely and efficient audit report to the client.
  • As one of the elite Singapore audit firms, we employ experienced and talented professionals to aid our clients in maintaining their business standards and achieving compliance. We conduct comprehensive and objective assessments of the business practices hiding behind the numbers. The result of our audit services Singapore is helpful to the management in identifying key areas and issues.
  • As a part of our audit services Singapore, we also provide a full-time experienced forensic auditor, who specializes in investigation of the suspicious activities reported by an organization. This forensic auditor would investigate the suspicious activities related to money laundering, data theft or breach of compliance. These professionals working for the audit firms in Singapore prepares proper cases to be submitted to court of law.
  • SBS Consulting is a sought after audit company in Singapore. We have an in-house team of veteran auditors well versed with the scene of auditing in Singapore. The professionals employed by this audit company in Singapore are masters in their respective auditing domains. Most of these professionals working for our auditing firm in Singapore carry many years of experience of having successfully audited various local and international firms. All these factors elevate us to a select group of elite auditing firms in Singapore.

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