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Statutory Audit

statutory audits

Every Singapore Company needs to submit a statutory audit. Statutory audit services Singapore, check the veracity of management claims during this procedure. They check the company’s bookkeeping records, bank balances, financial transactions, etc. The final audit report reveals the true financial state of the company.

As the name implies, statutory audit is compulsory audit, which every qualifying company needs to undergo. In such audits, the auditing firm in Singapore like our ‘SBS Consulting’, reviews all the financial records of a company. We verify if all the documents presented are true and fair. Additionally, we also check if the documents prepared are in accordance with the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Any misrepresentation, misstatement, error, or discrepancy is sorted out.

In our services under, statutory company audit Singapore we check company’s bank balances, bookkeeping records, entry of financial transactions and all essential auditory obligations. We, then prepare an audit report, based on the findings of our professionally skilled audit team. The audit report thus generated will be as per the provisions of the Financial Reporting Standards. To accomplish error free statutory audit, we use a fine toothed comb, using which we comb all the business’ undertakings, in order to find cracks and loopholes needing rectification. If left untreated, these loopholes and cracks can become the points through which the company may crumble to pieces. This is enough to explain the importance of high quality statutory audit.


Reasons to Prefer Our Flawless Statutory Audit Services

The reasons to hire the Singapore auditing services provided by SBS Consulting are manifold. A few of them include–

  • Our quality system is updated with latest auditing standards of audit firms in Singapore
  • The statutory audit of your financial statements will be carried out completely under rigid professional standards
  • Our audit service not only concentrates on scrutinizing your financial statements, but also focuses on your business operations
  • Our expert team of Singapore auditors is thriving to increase efficiency of your business
  • We offer valuable assistance in monitoring ethics of your organization to increase overall performance in operational and financial activities
  • We assess the quality of your business operation and provide constant advices on strategic planning and improvement

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