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FAQs Outsourcing Payroll Services

Last modified: November 3, 2023
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FAQs Outsourcing Payroll Services

Payroll services Singapore works carefully and assists you in retaining skilled employees. Otherwise, almost 44% of them may choose to leave because of payroll mistakes. Not convinced? Read a few FAQs for outsourcing payroll services before making any payroll decisions.


Key FAQs for Outsourcing Payroll Services in Singapore

Q1. What are Outsourcing Payroll Services?

Payroll is what you owe salaries to your employees. Your provider assists you in discharging business’ liability within due dates. In Singapore, it is within 7 days of the end of every payment cycle.

Outsourcing payroll services is a process where you hire a third-party firm to process your payroll. These firms have expert bookkeepers and accountants who are well-versed in the intricacies of the latest payroll and labour rules and regulations.

Depending on your payroll needs, they can execute a part or complete process for you. It frees you to pay attention to the core tasks of the business.


Q2. What Services You Can Expect From Your Outsource Payroll Services Firm?

Your outsourced payroll services firm goes through the time sheet. They calculate employee salaries using hours worked, hourly rates, tax withholdings, bonuses and other benefits. They ensure that you pay your employees on the dot. Happy employees know you care about them.

Your provider may also assist with health insurance, claims, retirement packages, leaves and public holidays, compensation and annual salary hikes.

They use the latest payroll software to store all this employee and payroll information. They may automate and schedule monthly or annual payroll tasks for you.


Q3. Tax Compliance for Singapore Employers

Singapore employers have to comply with tax laws and legislation. Your provider help you overcome the problem by installing a reliable payroll system. They handle taxable income, including Fringe Benefits and file employee tax returns.

Being spot on with your payroll helps. It gives the message to employees and the outside world that your business is stable and liquid.


Q4. Benefits of Hiring Outsourcing Payroll Services Firm

Will payroll mistakes make your employees look for new jobs? Yes! 49% of them will do so after the 2nd error.

Late payroll will sow the seed of mistrust in your employees’ minds. It is no trivial matter. It is going to mess with your employees’ household expenses, credit card and debt payments, and other plans.

You have to be accurate and on time with your payroll. It is the only way to keep the morale, productivity, and motivation. It also helps you retain the skilled employees. It helps avoid bad reviews and hiring problems in future.


Q5. Are You a Payroll Expert? How About Your HR?

Most business owners, sadly, are not familiar with the payroll execution. Well, they are not supposed to. Their prime responsibilities are to lead the business, give it the right direction and make it profitable. They should focus on launching the right products or services, ensuring customer satisfaction and turning them into loyal customers.

Payroll processing is an administrative task, and the owners should not get entangled in it, and neither should their HR staff or any other specialists. As the business grows, headcount increases and increases the payroll complexity. If your team is geographically distributed, it adds another dimension to the complexity. It is when you should hire the best payroll services.


Q6. How to Choose the Best Outsourcing Payroll Services Firm?

Payroll is your liability. It is crucial that you discharge it on time and correctly. It is why selecting your payroll outsourcing provider is an important decision.

You should know as much about them as possible. It will help you determine whether they have the capacity to fulfil your payroll needs. Ask questions, as it is important to know how they operate and process your data:

  • How do they cope with the tax and other payroll regulatory updates?
  • Are they experienced in taking care of payroll for business in your industry and niche?
  • Can they automate your tasks using payroll software?
  • Can they scale their services up to support you in future?
  • What procedures, technologies, and tools do they have in place to ensure data security?


Q7. Is Hiring an Outsourcing Payroll Services Firms a Better Option?


After outsourcing your payroll, it is not necessary for you to hire payroll executives for your in-house department. It will reduce your human resource management work.

Neither specialist from your HR, accounting, or finance department will need to do it. They will be free to use their specific skill set to further your company goals.

Similarly, you will have time at hand to regroup your mental resources to find new opportunities and targets to grow your business.

These professionals minimise payroll errors, workload, and costs. Their efforts help you avoid fines and penalties. They are aware of the changes in the regulatory environment and don’t have to waste time looking up for them to incorporate in their work.

The benefit of hiring qualified professionals is that their execution is fast and almost error-free. It is what they do to earn their bread and butter. After going through FAQs for outsourcing payroll services, you surely got the idea that you can trust them with your payroll.

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