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Why Accuracy and Timeliness are Key in Payroll Processing

Last modified: August 31, 2023
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Why Accuracy and Timeliness are Key in Payroll Processing

A payroll mistake can cost you dearly. Even a 99% accurate payroll is not desirable as that 1% of wrongness can lose you one of the superstar employees. Business owners who want to deliver 100% accurate payroll hire the best payroll services in Singapore.


Inaccurate Payroll Can Cause Problem

Any mistake in payroll hurts your employees where it matters to them most. Their finances! It does not matter to them who is responsible for the error: in-house HR or the Finance department.

Errors in time data, benefits, deductions, bonuses, merit amounts, or compensation lead to inaccurate pay. When it happens, employees don’t care what caused it and take drastic measures.

As per the surveys, nearly 25% of employees leave after the first mistake in their payroll, and another 25% leave after the 2nd mistake. Most often, you lose your salaried employees.

First to walk out on you are your top-performing employees, who are highly employable in the market. Young ones are the most intolerant of payroll discrepancies and many of them simply ghost you. They stop coming to work without notice and then don’t answer your communication.

You can overcome all these issues by hiring the best payroll services in Singapore. These firms help you discharge your liability towards employees. During the processing, they calculate employee pays: deductions, benefits, bonuses, and taxes.

By doing so, you ensure employees are paid on time and accurately. A trouble-free payday ensures your legal compliance and financial stability. It is critical for maintaining your healthy reputation and relationship with your employees.


Tips for Streamlined Payroll Processing

1. Conduct Payroll Audit

Be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your payroll audit. You should start auditing your payroll data at the start of each new payroll cycle. It helps keep your data updated, and there is enough time at your hand to simulate how this data will be processed. This way, you get to find errors.

If you conduct your data audit right before your payroll run, it won’t be easy to ensure accuracy. Imagine your staff scrambling to run multiple audit reports and correct errors just before the payroll and understand the enormous pressure it creates. The anxiety causes the errors. Starting the audit at the start of each payroll cycle ensures clean and reliable data.


2. Effective Internal Communication

To improve payroll accuracy, you have to work harmoniously with each contributing staff member. It cannot happen without improving internal communication between the Payroll, HR and Finance departments that play their part in payroll processing.

Regular communication ensures that they are on the same page. Implement new communication tools and processes for effective interactions between the payroll executors if needed.


3. Update Your Payroll Processes

One of the causes of inaccurate payroll is the use of outdated processes. What worked for you in 2000 may prove ineffective today.

If you are still using outdated payroll processes, update them and eliminate their impact on your payroll accuracy. Ensure all the relevant payroll information reaches concerned staff well before your payroll run.

Use the latest software to collect the information. It will give you time to audit it and correct the discrepancies. The accurate data will automatically increase the efficiency of your payroll processing.


4. Implement Payroll Software

It is time to replace your legacy payroll system. Using such systems means doing a lot of calculations manually. You need to understand that, in 2023, the Excel spreadsheets are outdated.

Run a search on the internet, and you will find numerous HR and payroll software tools that are affordable. Implement one of the latest payroll tools.

You will no more need to use spreadsheet formulas for calculations and then enter the result in your payroll system. The lack of concentration and mental fatigue leads to typos and inaccurate payroll. Ditch this error-prone way of executing your payroll.

The right HR and Payroll software system will eliminate your pain, stress, and manual efforts by automating repetitive payroll processes. You will even be able to automate calculations based on the data input.


5. Solve Employee Issues

Classify and analyse payroll issues reported by your employees. Prepare metrics and solve these issues and their root cause promptly. Then, onwards, track the matrix data to know whether the steps you took to eliminate the root causes were useful. Do it each month.

Ultimately, it will enable you to take care of most of the major causes of the errors in your payroll. It will dramatically reduce the number of complaints from your employees and improve their experience and perception. You will be able to save a lot of time and effort after reaching this stage.


What is Outsourcing Payroll Services

If you are a first-time business owner, you may wonder, “What is outsourcing payroll services?” and “Will they completely take over my payroll tasks?”

Payroll outsourcing involves hiring a third party to handle all of your payroll activities. Outsourcing payroll services enables you to reduce payroll costs and save time. They employ teams of payroll experts who combine their in-depth, hands-on experience to execute your payroll effectively.

Singapore payroll services use the latest payroll software to automate various of your repetitive payroll tasks. They provide you customised, cost-effective, reliable and efficient service.

In Singapore, you can expect the following basic payroll services from your provider:

  • Taking care of complex payroll account
  • Processing your payment instructions
  • Calculating salary, payroll taxes, deductions and tax reporting
  • Submitting bank payments
  • Generating electronic itemized payslips, online and hard-copies
  • Preparing statutory payroll reports

Payroll processing is a complex and time-intensive task. It is why many companies outsource the task to the best payroll services in Singapore. You can also choose to do so and eliminate your stress and anxiety. It will also save you time, effort and money.

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