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Dependant’s Pass Singapore 2024

Last modified: April 20, 2024
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Dependant’s Pass Singapore - SBS Consulting Pte.Ltd.Dependents of holders of EntrePass, PEP, Employment pass and S Pass need get Dependent Pass (DP) to relocate to Singapore. The eligible DP holders, with Letter of Consent from authorities, can also study or work in Singapore.

Who Actually can Apply for DP: Singapore company (employer) needs to apply on behalf of the pass holder to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The employment agent appointed by the company can also do the same.



Key Facts about Singapore Dependent Pass

  • Legally married spouse of Entrepreneur pass, Personalised Employment pass, Employment pass and S pass holders
  • Unmarried children below 21 years of age
  • DP is valid for up to 2 years (depends on the validity of main work pass)
  • DP can be renewed 6 months in advance
  • No quota or foreign worker levy required
  • Parents of an EP holder can get Long Term Visit Pass.

***All the required documents need to be in or officially translated into English.


Dependent Pass Singapore Eligibility 2022

Eligible pass holders can bring their family members to Singapore after meeting certain conditions:

  • Common-law spouse of pass holders are not eligible for a Singapore DP
  • Legally married spouse
  • Unmarried or legally adopted children below the age of 21 years
  • EP, PEP, or S Pass holder’s monthly income needs to be at least S$6,000
  • EntrePass holder must have certain annual business spending and hire a certain number of locals.


Documents Required for Dependent Pass

The applicants need to submit a copy of the particulars page of their passport with their application for DP. MOM may also ask:

  • Copy of the marriage certificate (legal spouse)
  • Copy of the official birth certificate or adoption order of the child


Application Procedure for DP Singapore

It is the Singapore company or employment agent who must apply for DP on behalf of the pass holder. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Submit Completed Application

Submit the DP application:

  • Using EP Online for dependents of S Pass and Employment pass holders.
  • Manually, for the dependents of EntrePass, Personalised Employment Pass holders.
  • Pay S$70 application fee.
  • MOM takes up to 3 weeks to process it.


Step 2. Approval Letter by MOM

If the application is approved, MOM sends an In-principle Approval Letter (IPA) using EP Online. The applicant, then, can come to Singapore and request issuance of the DP.


Step 3. Issue the DP Card

The applicant needs to be in Singapore for the issuance of the DP card. It needs submission of a few documents using EP Online:

  • Passport details
  • Details Short Term Visit Pass or immigration pass
  • Residential address in Singapore
  • Local address to deliver the DP card
  • Contact details of an authorised person (for SMS or email alert)
  • Payment of S$150/ person

MOM may ask for additional documents:

  • Disembarkation/Embarkation card
  • A filled medical examination or health declaration form
  • A completed declaration form with the applicant’s IPA letter


Step 4. Notification Letter by MOM

After the issuance of the DP card, the candidate receives a notification letter. It is valid for 1 month and allows the applicant to work in Singapore. They can also enter and leave Singapore.


Step 5. Registering Fingerprints & Photo

The notification letter by MOM may ask the applicants to register their fingerprints and have photos taken. They need to visit the Employment Pass Services Centre by appointment.

  • The dependents of EP, PEP and EntrePass must do it within 2 weeks
  • The dependents of S pass holders must do it within 1 week

They need to carry documents listed below:

  • Passport (original)
  • Appointment letter
  • Notification letter
  • Documents mentioned in the IPA & notification letters


Step 6. DP Card Delivery

After receiving proper documents, MOM issues DP immediately. It takes about 4 working days to deliver the DP card.


Appealing against a DP Rejection

In the case of a rejected DP application, the company (employer) or employment agent needs to appeal against it. They have 3 months to provide new information and address the issues raised in the rejection advisory.

Appeals can be submitted online to MOM which takes a minimum of 3 weeks to process them.


Working in Singapore on Dependant Pass

Can Dependent Pass holders work in Singapore? Not every DP holder can find a job and work in Singapore.

  • The dependents of holders of EP, EntrePass or PEP are allowed to work if they have a Letter of Consent (LOC).
  • The eligible dependents of S Pass holders can acquire a Work Permit, S Pass or Employment Pass to work in Singapore.
  • The main pass holder’s employer or the employment agent needs to apply to MOM.


Studying in Singapore On a Dependant’s Pass

Children on a DP can attend primary and secondary schools (private and public) in Singapore. However, having a DP does not mean a ticket to a Singapore public school.

DP holders need to acquire a Student Pass to attend a university in Singapore. They need a LOC from the ICA.


Singapore Bank Account for Dependent Pass

DP holders can open a bank account in Singapore. They need to prove the legal basis for residing in Singapore and for requiring a local bank account. The DP holders can do so with their DP card.


Renewing a Dependant’s Pass

The validity of a Dependent Pass depends on the status of Singapore work pass of the primary pass holder. To renew a DP, the main pass holder’s employer or employment agent must send a renewal application to MOM. They can do so 6 months in advance of the pass’ expiry date.

The dependents of EP, PEP or S Pass holders can submit their renewal request using EP Online portal. Dependants of an EntrePass must do so using mail.

MOM’s current criteria apply to the renewals. If the DP is renewed, the agency sends an in-principle letter to the dependant.


Replacing a Lost, Stolen, Damaged DP Card

The DP holder needs to replace a stolen, lost or damaged card.

The main pass holder’s company or employment agent need to request for it a replacement within one week. If the DP holders are overseas, they must notify MOM which issues a letter enabling them to enter Singapore.

For the stolen cards, the request must come with a police report in English along with the request.


Fees to Replacement DP Card

Submit replacement card applications using EP Online and pay:

  • S$60 in fees to replace the damaged card
  • For the first lost card, the fee is S$100 (S$300 for 2nd card onward)

On replacement DP card approval, MOM issues a card replacement letter. It comes with instructions for collecting it at Employment Pass Services Centre in 4 days.

DP holder must come with documents:

  • Passport (original)
  • Letter for card replacement
  • Damaged card (if applicable)
  • Declaration form for cards, lost or stolen
  • Police report for stolen cards


Report Changes to MOM

MOM must know about the following changes:

  • Change in DP holder’s address
  • Changes in personal details of DP holder

These changes must be conveyed to MOM through employer or agent of the main pass holder.


Cancelling a Dependant’s Pass

The cancellation of the main pass results in automatic cancellation of the related DP. DP holders must cancel their pass if:

  • They decide to leave Singapore
  • Main work pass holder has acquired Permanent Residency
  • They get an Employment Pass or S Pass

The employer or registered employment agent of the main pass holder’s must apply to MOM to cancel the pass. DP holder must return the card within a week. MOM issues a Short Term Visit Pass (LTVP) to them for exiting the country. They need to submit LTVP to immigration upon leaving the country.

The DP holders can become Singapore’s permanent resident through the main pass holder. The main pass holders can apply for it for their family members.

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