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All You Need to Know about Singapore Immigration Visas and Passes

Last modified: October 21, 2021
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To enter a foreign nation, you surely need a visa. The rules and regulations to get the visa approved are very strict these days, Singapore is not an exception. In fact, Singapore has streamlined the entire process of applying, approving and collecting Visas and Passes, thereby increasing its efficiency and accuracy. Keep on reading if you want to know about the Most anticipated and much in demand Singapore Visas and Passes.

Singapore Immigration Visas and Passes- SBS Consulting Pte.Ltd.
For anyone who wants to be in Singapore, it is necessary to read the Singapore immigration policies. It will help them to understand the type of Singapore passes or visas they will need. Firms like SBS Consulting, offering immigration and visa services are well known to provide quality services to meet various needs of the immigrating pupil.

Singapore Work Visas and Passes for Professionals

In order to work in Singapore, it is mandatory for the foreign individuals to get either one of the employment visas approved prior to starting working for their employer. Here are a few considerations that will help you understand how Singapore passes are allotted, based on different parameters like education, professional work experience etc.


Singapore Employment Pass (EP)

This is probably the most sought after Singapore work visa. The Singapore employment pass is designed for trained and educated individuals interested in living and working in Singapore. You, as an applicant, must fulfill a few prerequisites to apply for the EP. Two of the major qualifying parameters to get your EP approved are, you should hold a tertiary degree from a reputed university and you should be earning a fixed monthly salary above S$3300. Although an employment pass is valid for 1-2 years, does offer enough flexibility to renew the validity if the pass holder continues to work in Singapore. In due course, the Singapore Employment pass holder after fulfilling required can apply for permanent residency. More importantly, these individuals can opt to open a company in Singapore.


Singapore Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

Based on personal and professional merits, only selected existing employees get access to PEP. Usually, the validity of an Employment pass is void immediately after the employee leaves his job. On the contrary, PEP is not tied to the employer and is not canceled. Foreign professionals with PE-Pass are allowed to stay for about six months and hunt for another job after quitting the previous job.


Entrepreneur Pass Singapore (Singapore EntrePass)

Foreign individuals, not fulfilling the educational qualification requirements for the employment pass, can go for Singapore Entrepreneur Pass. Often such people have compelling business ideas and a definitive will to strive and survive. Singapore government issues them with EntrePasses and enables them to put their skill set to better use by incorporating a business in Singapore. Note that EntrePass is renewable.


Singapore S Pass

Mid-level skilled individuals also need work visas for Singapore. The Singapore S-Pass is allotted to the individuals earning a minimum salary of S$2,200. The candidate’s educational qualifications, skills, job type and work experience are the major elements considered by the authorities, before approving the application. It is the duty of the Singapore employer to submit the application for an S-Pass on the behalf of their employees.

NOTE: It does not matter whether you are interested to work, incorporate a company or already a high-earning professional, the important thing is you will have to apply for the appropriate Pass and ensure it is approved. There are different work visas and passes issued by the Singapore government, making it hard for an individual to understand the type of visa or pass he/she requires. Therefore, it is always better to hire a business firm offering visa and pass related services to get you visas or pass approved legally and speedily.


Singapore Work Permits (WP)

Singapore work permits are designed and issued to the foreign unskilled workers, with a validity period of 2 years. However, the validity of the worker’s passport, the Banker’s or Insurance Guarantee, and the worker’s employment period can shorten his or her work stay in Singapore. The permit holders must work only for their own employer and in the same capacity, they were hired for. Foreigners going to work in Singapore as domestic helpers, confinement nannies, and performing artists need different work permits. They must apply and get a related work permit.


Short-term Work Passes for Singapore

Miscellaneous Work Pass
Miscellaneous Work Pass is for foreign workers who are in Singapore for short-term assignments of less than 60 days. Their activities are general, related with the organization, either conducting or attending seminar, conference, workshop, or gathering of religious, political, or racial nature. Individuals from journalism field are al;so eligible for these visas .
Singapore Work Permits for Performing Artiste
This work permit especially designed and issued for the foreign artists. With it, they can work for 6 months in a Public entertainment facilities like licensed bar, discotheque, lounge, night club, pub, hotel, private club or a restaurant. Upon expiry of this work permit the pass holder is not eligible to for it or any other work permit for next one year.


Other Singapore Passes

Individuals, in addition to professionals and workers, may also need to travel to Singapore for various reasons. They can apply for below mentioned Singapore visas or passes.

Work Pass Exemption for Foreign Students

Foreign students in Singapore are not expected to work. However, they can do so if they have a valid Work Pass exemption. There are three options available to foreign students, in this regard.

  • Training, Employment Pass (professional, managerial, executive trainee)
  • Work Holiday Program (university students and recent graduates)
  • Training Work Permit (unskilled or semi-skilled foreign trainees)

Dependent’s Pass

The family members of an Employment Pass or S-Pass holder having a fixed monthly salary of minimum $4,000 can travel to Singapore. The spouse and the unmarried children under 21 years of age can legally apply for Singapore dependent’s passes, provided that the pass holder’s Singapore employer sponsors their applications.

For babies born in Singapore, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) issues a special pass that is valid for 42 days. Before its expiry, an application for Dependant pass can be lodged with the authorities.

Long Term Visit Passes

The S-Pass and Employment Pass holders earning a monthly salary of S$4,000 can apply for Long Term Visit Passes for their family members. Spouse, children under 21 years of age, handicapped children above 21 years of age can take benefit of these passes. Pass holder having fixed monthly income of S$8,000 can also apply to get this pass approved for their parents.

Work Pass for Long Term Visit Pass Holders

Foreigners in Singapore having Long Term Visit Passes can also apply for an Employment visa in Singapore, S-Pass or work permit. However, parents accompanying their children studying in Singapore can only do so, after a stay of one year.

Migrating to Singapore has become expensive and complicated process due to extensive supporting documents required to process the visa applications. Therefore engaging a professional firm indulged in offering Singapore visa and passes related services is always preferable. Remember, in order to control the expatriates population in the nation, the Singapore government has recently put forth strict guidelines and rules to approve visas and passes. Therefore, engaging a reputed and experienced corporate service firm like SBS Consulting can always be valuable.

SBS Consulting is a leading Singapore visa service that offer immigration and relocation services to its clients. It provides assistance in applying for different Singapore passes and visas as well as in their renewal.

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