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Can a Payroll Processing Company in Singapore Save You Time?

Last modified: November 11, 2022
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Can a Payroll Processing Company in Singapore Save You Time?

There is an old saying, “Time is money!” It is especially true for multitasking sole business owners. They have limited hours and like to spend them on getting new customers, closing more business deals, product ideas, value addition, launching new marketing campaigns, etc. It is why many of them indulge in payroll outsourcing in Singapore.


Payroll is an Essential but a Non-Core Task

Payroll outsourcing to a Singapore-based firm enables them to get rid of a non-core task of their business. Undoubtedly, it is an essential task from the point of view of compliance and maintaining a cordial relationship with their employees.

Nowadays, it is a trend to outsource the non-core task of the business like accounting, payroll, etc. But they can use their precious time for it. Instead, they should use their limited time to achieve their core objectives. Let us see how a payroll processing company can save time, effort, and resources.


Right Payroll Software

The payroll processing company uses the latest payroll software to do your task. So before choosing a firm for payroll outsourcing in Singapore, you need to ensure that it uses the right payroll software certified by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

As per MOM’s mandate, it must generate itemised payslips for your employees. A payroll processing company uses the software to automate your task, collect reusable data, reduce manual work, and generate accurate payroll reports.


Latest Payroll Regulations

Payroll processing has too many components to worry about. In addition, the rules keep on changing. Before you start processing it, you must make sure that you know and understand the latest changes in payroll rules. Yes, keeping track of changes is a time-consuming task. It can easily side-track you from achieving your core goals.

However, it is not an extra burden to a professional payroll processing company. Knowing the latest changes in the payroll enables them to serve their clients. It helps them correctly process and calculate your employees’ salaries, taxes, contributions, levies, etc. It earns them their bread and butter.


Payroll Processing for Your Growing Company in Singapore

If you have only a handful of employees, then maybe it is okay to do it manually or using spreadsheets. Any payroll executive will tell you that payroll processing is a painstaking, complex, and time-consuming task for even experienced executors. It also takes a lot of mental focus and human resources to do it correctly.


Computer-savvy Business Owners

Today, the computer-savvy owners have moved on. They believe in payroll outsourcing in Singapore.



These modern business owners have their reasons. At the end of the payroll cycle, the activity demands attention from the staff and management and engages other employees mentally. It causes disturbance in the workplace and changes the focus of employees.


Generates no Money

These business owners also know that, in the end, however well the payroll is executed, it generates no revenue for them. So it makes sense for them to simply outsource it to a payroll processing company. And reassign their freed staff to achieve the goals and objectives of their business. The move also keeps their profile lean and de-clutters their workplace.


Save Time and Efforts

If you are a growing company thinking about outsourcing to a Singapore payroll processing company, search for an experienced and reputable firm. Someone who will take complete responsibility for the task without wasting your time and efforts and execute it for you at competitive rates.

Since 2010, as a professional and reputable payroll processing company in Singapore, we have rendered customised and compliant payroll solutions to small businesses in Singapore. If you want to unload your burden, contact us at +65 6536 0036 or email us at info@sbsgroup.com.sg & share your needs and know how we can fulfil your payroll needs.

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