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If you need help with accounting in Singapore, turn to SBS Consulting. Our team will ensure that they provide you with simple, straightforward, and topnotch Singapore accounting service. We incorporate the latest software, most recent updates, and the best practices of the world of accounting Singapore. Though we prefer to do business with MNCs and SMEs alike, we like to assist SMEs with our small business accounting service.

SBS Consulting is offering unprecedented accounting services Singapore to SMEs and MNCs since a very long time. We specifically concentrate on basic to multifold requirements of accounting services for business in Singapore, in compliance with the rules and regulations laid by – IRAS and ACRA. SBS Consulting is predominantly rendering bookkeeping, auditing, Singapore accounting related business services. The Singapore Accounting services are furnished to all business sizes and segments, including, small and medium enterprises to big, national and international corporations.

The accounting services for small business of SBS have been designed for the small and medium enterprises, so that they could reap maximum benefit from it. Outsourcing your accounting Singapore needs to SBS Consulting, a trustworthy and quality conscious Singapore accounting service, will give you the freedom to focus on the core functions of your business. Following is a brief overview of the Singapore accounting services we provide. Accounting Singapore is gaining popularity with the growing demand for incorporation in the country. At the same time, one must understand that the market trend is in favor of appointing Singapore accounting services.

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Our Accounting Services

Singapore Accounting Software Assistance

All companies in Singapore are required to keep an updated book of the financial records, on the lines of SFRS (Singapore Financial Reporting Standards). In this regards, it is beneficial for the company to appoint one of the trustworthy accounting services in Singapore to set up a software-driven account keeping system. When it comes to Singapore accounting software assistance, you can get in touch with us. You will get an experience that is the best in the field of accounting.

  • Singapore Accounting software provides a clear picture of your company’s financial health
  • Assistance in setting up of charts of accounts, record of supplier and customer information, opening balance, item code for inventory and currency set up
  • Software helps you stay updated and compliant with the legislation of accounting in Singapore

Singapore Professional Accounting Services

All registered companies in Singapore are required to produce their update books of business accounts, annually to IRAS and ACRA. This is a rather difficult task to achieve with the help of an in-house accountant. In addition, such non-core tasks take up a lot of time and resources of an organization. Accounting services for small business saves time, money and many other resources, which can be utilized for some higher-value activities. A competent accounting service in Singapore can play a very significant part in the statutory compliance of its client.

  • Qualified accountants generate statements in the format required by IRAS and ACRA
  • Accounting services can be availed on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • Compilation and timely submission of statements to the governing bodies

Recording Full Set of Account Transactions

As a leading accounting service provider in Singapore, We undertake professional responsibility to maintain your accounts by providing complete accounting business services. As a part of our accounts services, the financial statements maintained by us include:

  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Balance sheet
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Comparison with last month’s/year’s accounts with the ample explanation is one of the Singapore accounting services offered by us
  • Trade debtors listing
  • Trade creditors listing
  • Maintaining general ledger
  • Journal listing
  • As the best provider of accounting service for small business, we prepare a detailed schedule for various balance sheets and profit and loss items

Preparation of Cash-flow Statements

Our Singapore accounting services also extend towards financial planning, and forecasting the growth of your company. We have the much sought after expertise in small business accounting service that you can blindly count on.

  • Preparation of statements related to cash earned and spent during a specific period
  • Assistance in cash flow budgeting
  • Cash estimation on monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis

Singapore Group Consolidation

  • Preparation of business annual report, in compliance with the Singapore financial reporting standards (SFRS) of accounting in Singapore
  • Preparation of group financial statements of your business’s accounting in Singapore
  • Appraisal of financial statements is also provided as a part of accounting business services

Singapore Bank and Other Accounts Reconciliation

  • Exhaustive bank and other account reconciliation services
  • Professionals working with the Singapore accounting services prepare audit schedules for their clients
  • Examination of statements, data performances, operations, and records independently and in a systematic order
  • Feedback provided to the management as a part of accounting for small business services

Accounts Payable (AP)

  • Preparation of payment vouchers as a part of a company’s accounting Singapore
  • Provision of checks signatory and banking on checks and filing of the same

Financial Statements Preparation

  • Sole-proprietors, partnerships, SMEs, management corporations, MNCs, enterprises, and individual entrepreneurs can avail our accounting business services, for preparing financial statements
  • All EPCs (exempt private companies) can hire us for a review. We will ensure that our professional providing Singapore accounting services does a first-rate job of it. Coming up with accurate financial statements, in order to achieve the client’s statutory compliance is the goal of every proud Singapore accounting service.

Directors Report /Compilation Report Preparation

  • Assistance in compiling the directors’ report comes as a stand-in accounting service for small business
  • Preparation of the report in accordance with the financial reporting standards of accounting in Singapore

Compilation of Accounts

  • Our accounting Singapore services include compiling of account statements for strike offs, tax clearance, and dissolution purposes

XBRL Statement Preparation

Our professional delivering Singapore accounting service prepares up-to-date financial statements in XBRL format to be submitted to ACRA.

  • Maintenance of fixed asset ledger
  • Preparation & processing of general account filing

Comprehensive Accounting Service in Singapore

When SBS Consulting is engaged by you, for faultless Singapore accounting services, you shall be looking forward to

  • Accounting services in Singapore provide their services through a qualified account manager. He will be responsible to work with you on a one-to-one basis for your small business accounting needs.
  • The accounts managers from the leading accounting services will be completely responsible for reviewing and organizing the information provided by you for the accounts ledger creation and maintenance. Your role will be confined to supply the chosen accounting service in Singapore, all the necessary financial documents such as sales orders, purchase orders, and bank statements on a periodical basis.
  • In accordance with the Financial Reporting Standards (FRS), the account manager for our accounting service will also help in drafting financial statements for statutory submissions. We will tabulate complete financial data in a flawless report and we also provide accounting services for small business.
  • Hiring our efficient Singapore accounting service to manage their books of account, bring relief for the small business owners. Singapore accounting services, like SBS, relieve them from having to brush up their knowledge of accounting principles, which most of them lacks in and it also saves valuable time.

Why Accounting Services in Singapore are Favored by SMEs and Big Businesses

Singapore accounting services are popular with the SME owners. The world over, these individuals are multitasking to make the ends meet. Sparing time for maintaining the books of account for their own business is not always possible for them. The firms, like SBS, that deliver services in accounting for small business, come to aid of these individuals. On the other hand, there are those big businesses that can afford to set up their own accounting departments, but, want to outsource their non-core accounting function to a reputable accounting service in Singapore. They opt for a specialist Singapore accounting service. Whatever the case, these accounting services do their task accurately and efficiently. In fact, they do a great job of managing your books of accounts as it is the core activity of these accounting services in Singapore.

Contact us, to know our services in accounting for small business owners and tell us, whether they match your needs. We will be your professional partners for accounting in Singapore. The team of accountants appointed by our Singapore accounting service would ensure that the services provided are simple, customized, and best in class. All the activities related to accounting Singapore are compliant with the regulatory framework of the governing bodies.

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services Singapore:

  • Outsourcing Saves Time: A business can choose to appoint offline or online Singapore accounting service. By handing over the task, one free ample time that would otherwise go into sorting through files to find invoices and getting the financial statements ready.
  • Outsourcing Saves You Money: When a business outsources its accounting activity to one of the trusted Singapore accounting services, there is no need to appoint accounting staff, if there are any they can be reallocated. On top of that there are no costs related to purchase of hardware, latest accounting software or training.
  • Outsourcing gets you services of competent Accountants: The accountants that work for the Singapore accounting services are experienced, competent and most of the time, certified professional accountants. They easily handle the task of statutory compliance. The owners or the directors and the other stakeholders in the business can give their full attention to the core issues of the business, without a worry.
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