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Press Release – Our Website has been cloned by a competitor

Last modified: July 6, 2018
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compitatorWe would like to highlight that this domain http://www.companybusinessincorporation.com is not connected to SBS Consulting and they just blatantly copied every page of our website. What is weird about it is that the names and profile of our directors are even listed there!

It would appear that we mirror our existing web site and created a duplicate on a different domain, but take note that this is done without our permission. They are trying to make SBS get a penalty on Google for having a duplicate copy online!

By doing this, they are trying to sabotage SBS website’s ranking on Google. We have reported this plagiarism to Google and hope that they will take the appropriate action upon the perpetrator. By taking the easy way out in duplicating our web site, both of us will be penalized by Google, even though we have our own team of writers to do the hard work to start with.

They don’t have any creativity or initiative to come out with something original and unique to their web site, but wholeheartedly placed our very own web pages including images on theirs as if they own them. Well, we won’t just sit idly and watch this happening under our very eyes and hope that our complaint to Google will be taken note of and penalty takes place on the offending domain.

Even the images were created by our team of skilled designers where they simply copied every single one of them from our existing web site. The perpetrator is a no brainer and a scum bag. This online theft has to be highlighted so that the public will not be hoodwinked by their similar services that are offered.

We are not sure if they even engaged their own team of skilled accountants to offer financial services as we genuinely do. We are keeping a close watch of what happens next and monitoring the web site.

At the moment, we can only rely on Google to take the appropriate action on this offending domain.

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