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Don’t Miss the Festival of Tech 2015: An IDA Event Hosted For Growth and Development of Singapore IT Industry

Last modified: October 21, 2021
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Edward Teller once said, “The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow”.

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) took this saying seriously and is on the mission to develop information technology and telecommunication scenario in Singapore. Since last few years, IDA is continuously supporting the growth of innovative tech companies and startups in Singapore. Seeking assistance from leading global IT companies and by developing state-of-the-art IT and telecom infrastructure, IDA implemented certain policies and capabilities to develop the IT and telecommunication industry in Singapore. One such attempt to attract global tech talent and motivate them to seek employment or indulge in Singapore company incorporation, IDA started organizing Tech Fest in Singapore.

With an aim to bring, people together, encourage interactions for discovering & sharing new ideas about the future and for learning how technology can be creative and fun too, IDA for the first time ever organized Singapore Tech Fest in 2014.

Singapore’s Festival of Tech Inspires Next Generation of Tech Workforce

banner01Replying to the call and participating in the first ever Festival of Tech organized by IDA, Singaporean youths and tech community gathered at the event with immense curiosity and high expectations. The TechFest was organized with a primary aim to raise greater awareness about tech industry among Singaporean youths. However, this event bestowed an opportunity for participants to meet elite executives in the industry, learn from them to seek career guidance and to stay updated about the latest developments in the Tech industry. This kind of festival will even help the aspirant entrepreneurs to get a fair idea about in and outs of company incorporation Singapore.

Futurists are always focusing ahead to innovate something exciting and so was the largest TechFest organized by IDA in 2014. Dreamers who intend to develop better tools have a unique ability to forecast the future of technology. IDA with its continued momentum to organize TechFest every year strives for providing unique and better opportunities to the booming tech minds in Singapore to understand the concept, articulate new ideas and build tools or technology that is beneficial for the future.

IDAs TechFest stage is a platform for young, thriving technological and entrepreneurial minds, bolstering a spirit of creativity and taking immense efforts to display technological tools displaying the height of human vision. From cyborgs to cutting edge circuitry, IDA also witnessed breakthrough intelligence via neural architecture. The TechFest is also an exhibitionist event offering a perfect blend of innovative and entrepreneurial minds giving people an insight about what future technology holds.

Technology makes the world a cooler place and you will have fun doing it. Several speakers passed on the same message at the TechFest organized by Information Development Authority of Singapore, envisioning the youths about the immense opportunities available in the evolving IT field.

“Just make the technology simple”, was the message conveyed by Mr. Sergio Salvador, Google’s Head of Global Games Partnership. He also encouraged his audiences to think outside the box and keep innovative tech ideas as easy as possible to understand and adopt.

More than 500 youths from different Singapore secondary schools and universities attended the free one-day SCAPE event. Involving them to the highest point, the session consists of talks, several breakout sessions in small group discussions and a gallery that showcased several of recently launched tech ideas.

Believing in the year old principle “Do while you learn”, the TechFest organized by IDA Singapore brought students and IT startups face-to-face with the emerging technology in the future. Amidst, it also provided participants an opportunity to have hands-on experience under the noted expert’s guidance of IT Gurus and professionals in the several workshops conducted by different participating companies.

Unbelievably, Singapore has officially just started motivating and nurturing its IT talent to develop its IT and Telecommunication industry. The Singapore TechFest is all set to grow even better with the revolutionizing technology as we know it. Come to Unleash the IDEAs Singapore TechFest 2015 with us

Festival of Tech 2015

Singapore is celebrating the golden jubilee year of its independence. Therefore, the tech enthusiasts & tech entrepreneurs will witness a spectacular weeklong festival of digital culture, which is also supposed to offer an incredible stage to for sharing and experiencing new ideas of the future.

According to IDA, art will meet technology at this year’s Festival of Tech. With an added significance of SG 50, this year’s TechFest is supposed to celebrate glorious fifty years of Singapore’s independence by envisioning the impact of technology in the future.

The main festival is going to be in two components, one will be mastered by ‘FutureEverything’ Singapore a UK-based award-winning lab for arts, music, and digital culture will explore Smart Nation through art. On the other hand, Young TechFest is a small event meant to engage small students in different IT activities at the time of school holidays. The IDA expects a crowd of more than 30,000 visitors, speakers, and attendees for the Festival of Tech 2015.

To mark 35 years of Singapore’s development in the IT sector and to celebrate SG 50 in its own way, the IDA by collaborating with Straits Times will launch an ICT 35 online special. This will be a tribute to Singapore’s tech journey right from 1981, the time when the first National Computer Board was set up, in 2016, time of IDA, a prime government agency pushing country’s efforts to become a Smart Nation. The launch is expected to take place on the opening day of the Festival of Tech.

Come join us, the tech fun is starting from 5 September onwards, until 13 September 2015.

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