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Year of the Ox- Chinese New Year 2021

Last modified: February 11, 2021
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Year of the Ox- Chinese New Year 2021

Soon, the Chinese Year of the Rat will end giving way to the Year of the Ox. The Ox is related to Earthly element. Ox, the second animal in zodiac, is Yang!

The Chinese years cycle through the five elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth. So, to be precise, the Chinese New Year starting from February 12, 2021, is the Year of Metal Ox.

Let me wish you ‘Happy New Metal Ox Year!‘ to you on the behalf of SBS Consulting Pte Ltd, one of the premier providers of services for company incorporation in Singapore.

If you follow Chinese Zodiac, you will be interested in knowing the Innerspace of ‘the Men and Women born in the Year of Ox’ and what works for them in the real world.


Personality and Characteristics of the Ox

Zodiac comes from the Ancient Greek term and means ‘circle of little animals.’ Chinese, for its use in agriculture, counts Ox as an honest and hardworking animal.

It follows that the people born in the year of the Ox are intelligent, honest, reliable, loyal, grounded, positive, and gentle. They do what they are told and stays within the prescribed framework.

The Ox are trustworthy and hard working. These people work in the background and are low key and seek no praise. They are logical individuals and makes great leaders. Their recognition comes through their hard work.

Ox-Men put their heart into their work. They are arrogantly confident about their rules and expect everyone to follow them. Their expectations are high. Sometimes they are unrealistic.

Ox-Women are calm, gentle, stubborn, and not wanting in fighting spirit. If they are on a path, you will expect them to challenge fate to reach its end. They are the thinker and react quickly and rarely have second thoughts about their actions or choices.


The Ox Compatibility

A majority of individuals born in the year of Ox maks their true feelings so as to appear respectable. It means the people interacting with them have to an extra effort to make them feel relaxed and help them draw them out of their shells.

Being tactful is the keyword if you want to strike a friendship with an Ox. They love to show off, so don’t steal their thunder in public.

The Ox look at the world in a subjective manner, and they lack tolerance. When they get into an argument, misunderstanding or a dispute, they need a sympathetic ear who will listen to their woes and encourage them to see the other side the coin to get the grip of the matter.

A majority of Ox are comfortable with the individuals born under the year of Rat, Snake, Rooster.

Rat is water and Ox is earth. They complement others personality and could work towards a similar life-goals. They are willing to do their part of the family duties. The Ox cooperates well with the Rat and to make their bonding successful.

Snake is earth and Ox is earth. The same earthly branch allows them to share their experiences and happily enjoy life in each others company. Both of them come off as competent personalities. The Ox and the Snake easily share warmth, romance and intimacy.

Rooster is earth and Ox is earth. Ox loyal and honest and finds soft and loving Rooster attractive. Their bonding can be really successful and admirable. Their association comes as strong and can help them to stand together in the face of adversity.

The Ox is not all that comfortable with the individuals that are born in the year of Goat, Horse, or Dog.

  • The Ox’s personality clash with that of The Goat.
  • The horse is a free and roaming spirit opposite of the Ox.
  • The Ox and Dog have no shared grounds.

Their life together has sharp corners and rough edges. Well, as individuals, they can tolerate other’s company. However, the relationship is always stressful.


Lucky for Ox

Colours: Yellow, blue, green

Numbers: 1 and 4

Flowers: Lucky bamboo and lily of the valley

Success: In Southeast and East

Wealth: In Northwest

Love: In South


Unlucky for Ox

The should avoid red or brown colours, as these colours are considered unlucky for them. And the unlucky numbers for Ox are 3 and 6.

Well, 2021 is a bit turbulent year for Ox. They may have to face bad luck even though they are hard workers. Their career will be relatively stable, and they will find it hard to get the desired results. They may not see rapid progress in studies even after putting dedicated efforts. They might also find it challenging to improve their relationships.

In 2021, the Ox need to take a pause and find what they love and are passionate about and pursue it. They need to strengthen their moral to ward off bad luck.

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