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What is Singapore MOM?

Last modified: December 11, 2020
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What is Singapore MOM

MOM is an acronym for the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. It is the regulating agency in Singapore that is tasked with the formulation and implementation of the labor policies for the workforce in Singapore.

If you need to visit a Singapore MOM office physically, it will do you good to visit their website to know the working hours of that particular office. Depending on the office, they keep varying working hours.


Singapore Employment Pass

If you are interested in working in Singapore on an employment pass, use the Self-Assessment Tool provided at the MOM’s website. Employment Pass is a way for qualified foreign professionals, managers, and executives to relocate and work in Singapore. You first need to land a job with a Singapore employer and must earn at least $4,500/ month. It is your employer who applies to MOM for your employment pass.


MOM’s Mission and Vision

Singapore authorities are aiming at a knowledge-based economy, efficient workforce, and a great workplace for all Singaporeans. MOM is doing its share of work to develop a productive workforce and workplaces where Singaporeans will have better jobs to realize their career goals and look forward to a safe retirement.

Singapore MOM’s aim is to create opportunities so that the locals could look forward to a high income, fulfilling careers in all walks of life, financial security. It also includes having a competitive economy that is lean in the workforce.

Ministry of Manpower is working on a two-fold strategy. On the one hand, it committed to enable its companies to provide great jobs. On the other hand, it is enabling Singaporeans to qualify for these skill-based jobs. It believes that do so will go a long way in building a stronger economy with a knowledge-based core.

MOM’s officials also aim to provide job opportunities for all, consistent growth in wages, and a better workplace environment. They know that the well-being, safety, and health of the workers depend on the well-planned, well-maintained, and progressive workplaces.


Four Values of MOM

MOM relies on four values to guide the behaviors and actions to developing a greater workforce and build a great workplace in Singapore. They are as follows:

People-Centric: MOM’s work is people-centric. And the ministry aims to succeed through its people.

Professionalism: MOM behaves like a professional organization and serves with integrity.

Teamwork: MOM bases its success on teamwork. It knows that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Progressive Attitude: MOM believes in a progressive attitude at the individual and at an organizational level.


MOM Believe in H.E.A.R.T. Principles

MOM uses the H.E.A.R.T. principles for rendering service to customers and stakeholders.

(H)EAR them out: MOM gives attention to its customers and shareholders. It listens to them, understands, and engages them on a continual basis.

Make it (E)asy: Believes in making their policies and processes easy to understand.

(A)nticipate their needs: Anticipates and improves so as to fulfill the needs of their customers and stakeholders.

(R)espect every individual: MOM treats people who interact with them respectfully.

Be (T)imely: Works on meeting the service standard and fulfilling its promises.

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