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Guide for Singapore Company Name Change

Last modified: January 18, 2021
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Guide for Singapore Company Name Change

Company registration in Singapore is a planned activity. It is not hard to imagine that you chose a name for it after carefully considering multiple options. Still, after some time you may decide to go for a company name change.

If you are at this juncture, it is safe to assume that you have again evaluated all your options. And there is a valid reason for the name change. It could be that you want to re-brand your company or you want its name to truly reflect your speciality or business activities.


Choosing the Right Company Name

Whatever the case, this time around, you will need to hire an experienced provider of company secretarial services in Singapore to convey the change in the company to ACRA. You will need to carefully choose a name for your existing company, that is:

  • Not identical to any other existing company
  • Not similar to a company name that is already reserved
  • Not black-listed
  • Not vulgar or obscene


ACRA’s Approval for Company Name Change

You need to ask your secretary to submit a Change in Company Information application to ACRA. The secretary will visit BizFile+ portal to submit your application online. They will need your CorpPass to do so. They will also pay ACRA’s fee of $15.

Pass a Special Resolution for Company Name Change

After getting ACRA’s approval for the company name change, you need to pass a special resolution authorizing the change.

Your secretary can:

  • Prepare a written resolution to validate the company name change
  • Convey a general meeting
  • Communicate date of meeting to all shareholders
  • Communicate the agenda of the meeting (resolution authorizing company name change)

The secretary should send 14 days written notice to shareholders. However, it can be short notice, if those holding at least 95% of the voting rights are okay with it.

And, to pass the resolution, you need at least 75% of the votes in favour of the resolution. Submit a copy of the resolution to ACRA within 14 days of its passing. The secretary can do so online using BizFile+ ‘Notice of Resolution’ transaction. ACRA then updates your company name and issues you notice of incorporation under its new name.


After the Change in Company Name

ACRA also updates IRAS about the name change. You can ask the experts from company secretarial services in Singapore to confirm the change in your company name online by visiting BizFile+.

  • Make sure to replace your company’s old name with the new one on your business website, letterhead, social media accounts, signage, & brochure
  • You also need a company seal and stamp in your company’s new name
  • Check, if you need to register the new name as your trademark
  • If you need to communicate with IRAS within 2 weeks of the name change, notify IRAS using MyTax Mail

Changing the name of your company does not affect your liabilities or responsibilities. However, it may get you noticed frequently by your customers and vendors. SBS Consulting is a reputed provider of services for company registration in Singapore. If you any questions, contact us on +65-6536 0036 or email us at info@sbsgroup.com.sg for answers.

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