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SBS Consulting is offering competent corporate secretarial services in Singapore for past several years. According to Singapore Companies Act, within six months of formation of a Singapore company, you are required to hire a company secretary. SBS Consulting provides you with a qualified, trained, and experienced company secretary Singapore to assist in your organizational functions. Our corporate secretarial services are comprehensive and cost-effective. Our company secretarial services Singapore are suitable to both local and multinational organizations irrespective of the size. We offer unprecedented secretarial company services to a varied range of sectors.

Our highly skilled and trained corporate secretarial services team advises the clients on statutory compliance needs and corporate governance matters. The team of secretarial company realizes the importance of compliances and helps clients avoid the serious consequences owing to any breach of statutory regulations.  SBS Consulting offers integrated corporate secretarial service solutions to its clients, freeing up time for you to focus on your core business activities.  With company secretarial services of SBS, you can rest assured that both routine and extraordinary matters of your company are performed in a specialized, effective and efficient manner.

Our corporate secretarial services ensure compliance with relevant governing authorities which includes:

Online filings of accounts and annual returns to Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)

Management of Shares

  • Share and capital issues
  • Transfers and restructuring
  • Share allotments
  • Share reduction
  • Implementing structure changes of company’s share and loan capital
  • Implementation and administration of share participation schemes related to directors and employees
  • Share registration and maintaining company’s members register
  • Entertaining queries and requests of shareholders
  • Communicating with shareholders and paying dividends and interests

Rule Reminders

  • Notifying you on filing deadlines, ACRA compliance alerts & reminders

Handling Activities

  • Preparation of minutes and resolutions for board
  • Updating the governing body ACRA on company’s director related changes
  • Updating the governing body ACRA on company’s name related changes

Board Meetings

  • Your company’s reporting process and decision making process is coordinated
  • The meeting agendas with the chairman and the chief executives are formulated
  • Holding annual or extraordinary general meetings for shareholders
  • Attendance in the meetings and registering the minutes

General Meetings

  • Obtaining and circulation of documents to shareholders of internal and external agreements
  • Correcting, drafting, and incorporating of procedures

Maintenance of books, reports, accounts, and statutory registers

  • Maintenance of minutes book and statutory registers book
  • (Directors, members, managers, secretaries, auditors and share transfers)
  • Distributing company’s annual reports, interim statements, and accounts
  • Preparing director’s report

According to the Singapore Companies Act, a registered company in Singapore is required to appoint services of corporate secretarial services Singapore within six months of its incorporation. The company secretarial Singapore is the chief administrative officer of a company and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the board procedures in compliance with the law.  Company secretary Singapore should either be:

  • A permanent resident of Singapore. OR
  • Should hold any of the three passes: Employment, Dependent, or Entre.

If you would like to have more information on the above company secretarial services Singapore, please contact us to schedule a meeting.

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